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Our aspiration is to make you feel and hear music as if you were in the concert hall, not in the living room.  With our speakers we do just that we put the instruments right in front of you.

Atrevit Acoustic is a young music company that has just recently began as a passion for palatable multi-sensory experience , it will always be about how the sound makes our costumers feel.

We are combining fresh innovation and deep technical experience to bring you a rare experience, music the way it was created. We hope you buy from us and would be happy to see you in the next audio events, local audiophile club and soon select dealers.



Events we will be Exhibiting

See our Reference Sound System!!!


ATREVIT Home Series Speaker systems.


We bring the performance home


--Florida Audio Expo


Tampa, Florida  February 7-10, 2019


Stereo Exhibit Room #404



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