Atrevit Reference ONE are designed to provide a complete immersive experience.  This include experiences that will move you LITERALLY.  These subwoofers are under development to seamlessy integrate into our statement speaker line providing exceptional energy and tempo as intended by the artist in many recordings.



The SPHINX are Atrevit Reference ONE  Flagship System Subwoofers.  With an highly uniform sound signature integrated perfectly with our unique 3 way speaker system they provide low end reinforcement to nearly any environment.


The SPHINX is based on extremely high quality 18in drivers designed for live musical production.  The subwoofers are in a sealed enclosure with extremely low excursion allowing for precise and dynamic reproduction of the lowest registers of music and sound.


The aestetics are available in highest quality natural and modern finishes  to match nearly any style of decor with unique design, which will provide one of the most flexible placement options in the industry.



Stay Tuned for more Info!

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